Engineer Arrested on Felony Charges Due to Confusing Carry Permit Regulations in Two States

This is a stupid F***ing problem to have when you are not a threat!  This guy  may potentially lose his job over a law the police officer wasn’t even sure about. How do you become a criminal for doing everything a criminal won’t do.  I was pulled over the other day crossing state lines, and I informed the officer I was carrying and gave him my Texas CHL. There was no issue because the two states have reciprocity, but what if I was in this guys situation?


the trouble began when Preston wanted to register a new car in Delaware, rather than have to drive it all the way to Tennessee and back in order to register it there. Preston was told he would need a Delaware driver’s license in order to register his vehicle there. Always doing things by the books, Preston obtained the Delaware license. At this point it should be noted that Preston still maintained a residence in Tennessee and still paid taxes there, making him, legally, still a resident there. Preston also maintained a residence and pays taxes in Delaware.

Jump forward a few weeks and Preston is pulled over for speeding in Delaware. He advises the officer about his .40 caliber Glock handgun in his glovebox and hands the officer his Tennessee carry permit. The officer takes down the gun’s information and the permit information and sends Preston on his way.

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HAT TIP: Wolfy Wolf