HICKOK45 – The Greatest Firearms Youtube Channel Ever?

For all intents and purposes his channel should be boring as hell, but to this day when I watch a Hickok45 video I am overcome with feelings of nostalgia. These feelings aren’t attached to any particular memory, but the feeling is definitely there. I get all this from a 15-30min video of a guy shooting at steel with handguns from ungodly distances, who I shouldn’t be able to relate to. This is what makes Hickok45 youtube channel so great.

Hickok45 gives you shooting in its purest form, no additives,preservatives or artificial flavoring. Let’s for a moment forget he shoots handguns better than most of us can shoot rifles. You can’t watch a Hickok45 video and walk away feeling anything but an unbridled love for shooting. In an age where vilifying gun owners and people who like to shoot is the new cool and hip thing to do, it’s hard to make Hickok45 look like a crazed gun nut who secretly wishes the gong was an actual person.

Now, let’s talk about his mutant like ability to shoot handguns like he just activated the auto aim cheat code on a video game. Initially, you’re not impressed, then you really think about what it takes to shoot a gong at 230 yards with a Glock 27 and you start hating yourself, then you just accept it and just enjoy watching the bullets collide into the face of the gong and start mouth breathing in anticipation of the next round.

I still watch Hickok45 videos with the same enthusiasm as when I first started and I will continue to do so. The man makes so many videos it’s unreal, and I am glad he does because I personally find myself watching youtube way more than regular T.V.