I Want A Draco SBR & You Should Too

I’ve always liked the idea of an SBR #OperatorLife. More specifically, I am obsessed with wield-ability when it comes to rifles. I can’t think of a better feeling than a rifle that in your hands wields perfectly, especially when I am doing high risk entries in the Hamptons #Sarcasm. I tend to liken wield-ability to traction control on a sports car.

Knowing that traction control is engaged gives you the kind of confidence to push the cars limits not unlike the confidence you get after watching a martial arts movie. With out fail  in the time it takes to walk back to your car you’ve become Jet Li. That’s what the wield-ability of an SBR or a 14.5 AR does for me. Having a rifle/carbine that you can wield perfectly tends to  generate an organic attachment to that rifle and it becomes yours, not b***ch better have my money yours, but like those worn and torn favorite pair of jeans yours.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Aresenal SGL-21 but a Draco SBR done right takes the sexy factor to a whole different level (I refuse to say second kind of cool).

For some reason I am not moved by AR platform SBRs. Now, the 14.5 length AR is a different story that I will address in a different post. The Draco SBR just does it for me, so I think it’s time to put together that revocable trust and get my SBR on. Matter of fact, I think  ill send it off to Owen over at Snake Hound Machine and get him to freak it out because that dude is a beast with the AKs.

Until then drool…

or Die if you don’t agree with me #Sarcasm