New Gun Alert: The Walther CCP

Walther Germany has gone and pulled a Beyonce and dropped a new gun on us without warning. Walthers are like the long lost cousin of the handgun world. They make some damn good guns, but they get over looked for the house hold names and that’s a shame.


From the looks of it, they took their PPQ, which is a great gun, shrunk it down and made it a single stack. As great a gun as it is, I always thought the PPQ looked like the other not as sexy but she’ll do twin sister version of the HK P30.

However, the CCP is a looker. The PPQ just never seemed comfortable in it’s skin, but the CCP is an exhibitionist. The proportions on this gun work well with this design.


In case you’re wondering, the “CCP” stands for “Concealed Carry Pistol”

There’s no price yet, but I plan on getting my hands on this gun to put it up against the XDs and Shield.

The Information below was pulled from the Walther site.

WALTHER CCP: Small. Accurate. Reliable.
Walther Sets The New Standard for Concealed Carry Pistols
The new WALTHER CCP combines the easy handling of a pocket pistol with the power of 9 x 19 mm
cartridges. CCP stands for Concealed Carry Pistol. The innovative SoftCoil s ystem operates on a gasdelayed blowback principle, that allows a significantly reduced recoil and results in easy racking of the
slide. The CCP has an ideal combination of ergonomics, size, shape, accuracy and ability to conceal
comfortably. With a length of 163 mm this single-column, 8-round firearm comes with numerous
features that are otherwise found only in larger models.

The precocked trigger has a constant low trigger pull of 2.5 kg and a trigger travel of only 7 mm. By
rerouting the gas pressure the designers were able to use a soft main spring with a gentle release, thus
reducing the recoil as compared with a standard Browning system. Moreover, the polygonal barrel does
not dip downwards, which considerably reduces the vertical motion of the pistol and improves the
precision. The slide is also significantly easier to cock, with the help of front and rear slide serrations.

Considerable attention was given to safety, but without impeding simple operation. For example, the
easy accessible manual safety pulls back the trigger bar, allowing the trigger blade to move without
resistance. This takes the strain off the parts and prolongs their service life. A striker safety provides
drop safety. In addition, the torque-free design of the trigger mechanism ensures that components stay
in place if the pistol is dropped. Finally, the pistol can only be stripped if it is decocked, and a stripping
aid is supplied in each package.
The WALTHER CCP comes with a 3-dot sight. The polymer sight is screwed on, and three heights are
supplied as standard. The polymer rear sight is laterally adjustable. The front and rear sights are
compatible in size with the Walther P99, PPQ and PPS pistols. Thus the tritium sights offered as
accessories for these models fit the CCP as well. The CCP is available with a stainless slide or
stainless with a black CERAKOTE TM finish.
Advantages for the customer at a glance:
•  slim design and single-column magazine for a good grip
•  trigger and safety can be operated even by small hands
•  easy-to-cock slide
•  easy-to-move slide stop lever
•  safe, smooth operation with all standard ammunition, no effects from variations in gas pressure
•  low recoil and reduced upward kick
•  multiple drop safety and trigger safety features