December 19, 2013

“Easy Day” – Chris Costa Beast Modes In a Mini Van?

I keep trying to over look the mini van but I can’t. All I keep seeing is the mini van. I keep watching the video and all I see is the mini van. my boy ENDO called this video corny, but I found it entertaining.  I’m not talking Michael Bay entertaining, but i’m glad he did this entertaining. Then again, Bad Boys II is my all time favorite movie, so I don’t really know how much credit I have. […]

October 18, 2013

Never Let Chris Costa Borrow Any of Your Guns

I was confused as the man who is commonly known as the beard, handed me his Salient Arms Glock 19. The gun looked like he found it at the bottom of the ocean sitting next to the Titanic. I’ve seen World War 2 era issued 1911s in better shape than the gun he has handing me. […]

September 20, 2013

2014 Gear Girl Calendar Trailer Promo Final

She can get it, she can get it, and she can get it. That’s usually what goes through my mind when I watch videos like this. I’m rather unapologetic about my love for woman, cars, and guns (Welcome, to the superficial component of my personality). […]

June 28, 2013

$6,000 for an M&P!?!

Let’s be clear, I like the gun, I really do. I think Doug from ATEI does awesome work, but $6k? Do you know how many strip… I mean kids I can feed with $6k? If I was Doug/Chris Costa I would be really feeling myself right about now. Let’s also realize there are 12 bids! Man, I got to hand to ATEI and Chris Costa. You built it and they came, all over it. […]

September 27, 2012

ATEi/Chris Costa M&P Revisited

I decided to have a talk with Doug at ATEi about this M&P that sold out in minutes, withstanding a $1500 price tag. Initially, I wondered whether paying $1500 for what was essentially a tricked out M&P made any sense. It’s so much easier being a hater, unfortunately, Doug decided he wanted to make a lot of sense during our conversation and I have to say if you had $1500 to spend you would not be a dumb ass for buying this M&P. […]

$1500 for an M&P? I Guess

I think the Chris Costa ATEi M&P 9 Mashup is an Awesome looking handgun. I would not mind if all polymer guns started going in this direction as far as aesthetics go. But sweet baby Jesus, $1500 for an M&P? You can barely resale a lightly used M&P for $400 dollars these days. I love the  the M&P series pistols. Currently, I am trying to find myself (The Gunner version). I have been a long time Glock Fanboy but I have been cheating on my Glocks with the M&P and now I am torn. The M&P is an excellent platform and improves on a lot of the things Glocks do decently but could do better. This ATEi/Costa mashup is sexy, but $1500 sexy? […]

ATEi/Chris Costa Smith & Wesson M&P9

I’ve never really been a huge fan of super modified guns, they always tend to look, too modified. This mashup is no exception. ATEi teamed up with Chris Costa to produce this “too modified” Smith & Wesson M&P9. There is so much going with this gun I don’t know where to begin, so I won’t.  Here is what I will say, ” This gun looks nice, real nice”.  Actually, “cool” would be a better word to describe this gun. I have to confess, I could do without the “COSTA” plastered on the slide of the gun. Don’t get me wrong, I think Costa is the S**t, but I don’t need to be reminded of it every time I pick up my gun. I understand the branding implications but I could do without it. […]

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