No Love for Loaded Chamber Indicators?

What is with the unbridled hatred for loaded chamber indicators? You can’t watch a review of a gun containing a loaded chamber indicator without the reviewer going on a ten second tangent on how they can’t stand the loaded chamber indicator. Even Brandon from Monderno can’t stand loaded chamber indicators and I just don’t see why? I get it, a gun is always loaded so you shouldn’t have to depend on a loaded chamber indicator to tell you the gun is loaded. In a perfect world no truer words can be spoken, but in this reality we as humans are always seconds away from another f*** up. What’s so evil about a little non intrusive bar that sits slightly raised on top of your gun? Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means advocating the complete and utter reliance of a loaded chamber indicator to determine the bang bang status of your firearm.  When I had a gun that had a loaded chamber indicator I still safety checked the firearm even with the chamber indicator down. The thing is, it takes only one mistake, one squeeze of the trigger of an assumed empty firearm to have a really really bad day. […]