July 1, 2015

Kim Kardashian demands tighter gun laws

When asked her reaction to the recent shooting of nine Africa-Americans in a Charleston, South Carolina church by a white supremacist, Kardashian said she was in favor of stricter gun control laws to prevent these kinds of mass shootings. […]

May 4, 2015

February 17, 2015


I was browsing one of my favorite sites UNCRATE and came across the Taurus First 24 Kit.  I rarely find gun stuff on UNCRATE so it was cool to see some cross over. It’s no secret I have an eye for presentation, so i’m sure it doesn’t surprise any one you that this First 24 Kit would catch my. […]

November 7, 2014


When it comes to red dot optics, Aimpoint is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, when it comes to red dot prices, they’re right up there again. There’s no point trying to pull punches: Aimpoint are expensive.  I’ve always been enamored by the company’s reputation for making unbreakable optics with alien-like battery lives. However, we are talking about a red dot on a piece of glass, so it’s hard for some people to quantify why something so simple can demand such a high price. […]

October 30, 2014

Teaching Moments: Talking/Arguing Guns

“Okay, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go around the corner, and I want you to act like you have a gun and I am an attacker coming to kill you. I’m going to come flying at you, and I want you to shoot me before I get to you.” […]

Shooting Ppl In The Leg & The Coonan .357 Magnum Review on NOIR | Ep.16

Why don’t they just shoot him in the leg? If I had a dollar every time someone asked that question I would have enough money to buy a new gun every week. On This weeks episode of NOIR we talk briefly about the concept of shooting threat in the Leg. I also review the Coonan .357 Magnum and LaSorte has a bit of tactical relapse on Ep.16 of NOIR. […]

NRA Freestyle | NOIR Guest Challenge Promo

Travis Haley, Rob Pincus, Dom Rasso, Gary Russlle Jr., Edgar Jones, John, Wayne Walding, and Andrew Kline each ran the demanding 14-stage NRA Freestyle course designed to put their athleticism, firearms training and mental toughness to the test. Find out who will win the NRA Freestyle Challenge at the end of the season. […]

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