And Then There Was Rochelle Hathaway…

If you haven’t already read the Interview by former Taran Tactical Sponsored Shooter Rochelle Hathaway you can read it Here.

I am not going to lie, that article surprised me. I don’t deny that there are different levels of being Pro-Gun, but if someone told me that this was an interview with Shannon Watts, I’d believe it. I’ve met Rochelle a few times, taken a couple of pics, and even follow her on IG but I’ve honestly not spoken more than ten words to her in my lifetime. The girl is attractive, but man the blissfully ignorant, self-serving cognitive dissonance is strong in this one. In two questions she managed to include every anti-gun talking point ever made this side of the last century. It’s clear she despises guns much the same way certain celebrities despise climate change while flying around the world in private jets.

Here’s the long and short of my take on this. Rochelle Hathaway likes guns because she thinks they’re fun, cool, and she likes the attention it gets her, which is fine. What she needs to understand is that the superficial benefits of being a part of the gun community are merely a by-product of a right that is the fundamental essence of what this country is built on. (See #ThePewPewLife)

An entire country started a revolutionary war over this right; soldiers spilled blood for this right, people protected their freedom and life with this right and continue to do so. Guns aren’t just some cool toy that you simply discard when you get bored. You were a sponsored shooter and had a responsibility to uphold the fundamental ideals of the community. If you wouldn’t wear a fur coat to a PETA meeting, why would you advocate that the government take all guns away at a gun convention?

I’m sure elements of the anti-gun mainstream media will pick this up and try to turn Rochelle Hathaway into a victim. They’ll say the gun community is intolerant of different views and she may or may not milk this. However, let me say this and say it explicitly. The gun community isn’t upset with you because you have a difference of opinion, we are upset because we’re tired of people exploiting the benefits of the gun community and culture only to turn around and beat on it like a stray dog when things get political.

All that being said, I am always talking about wanting to have an open and honest conversation about guns with people who don’t share my opinion. Because of this, I would love to have Rochelle Hathaway come on NOIR and have a fair and honest discussion and explore her perspective more completely.