Joy-Ann Reid Killer Mike Interview – Colion Noir Response to Joy Ann Reid

I’m taking a nap in my hotel in LA when I get a text message with a link and message that reads, “I want to throw up in my mouth.” The link was to the interview of killer mike and joy Ann Reid on MSNBC. I clicked on the link reluctantly as I knew exactly what this video was going to be about. My killer mike interview bothered a lot of people in the mainstream media because the last thing they want is two black men with differing political ideologies to sit down and have a 45 min conversation about the importance of gun rights and agree.

Long story short, I watched this interview and instead of wanting to throw up in my mouth I simply got angry. I’m at my wits end with the disingenuous nature of the mainstream media when it pertains to the issue of guns. As a result, I put together this video response to the Joy Ann Reid and Killer Mike interview (More a response to Joy Ann Reid) to set the record straight as it was filled with a ton of BS.