New Range/Course Shoes… Nike Zoom Meriwether

As an Urban Gun Enthusiast I am unapologetically a city boy. I eat way too much fast food, have more gadgets than sense , and my only car is a sports car (I need a truck). However, when you add the Gun aspect to Urban life you sometimes find yourself dancing between city boy, operator wannabe, and outdoorsmen. Especially, if you take the training aspect of shooting seriously.

Well, From Nov 30th – Dec 2nd I will be attending Travis Haley’s Dynamic Handgun 1 course. It’s one thing to have leisure range shoes  but I thought it time to find range/Course shoes that were a bit more functional and purpose driven. I am a bit of sneaker head so of course I needed something with a little style (Again City Boy Tendencies). Enter the Nike Zoom Meriwether.

The Zoom Meriwethers are part of Nikes ACG (All Condition Gear) Outdoors sub-brand. This boot/shoe  has a weather proof nubuk  (How’s that for ambiguous euphemisms), a medial waterproof zipper, traditional hiking boot lacing system, beefed up ankle collar padding,  TrailFrame sole, and Zoom Air cushion system.

This is basically another lofty attempt on my part at mating function and style in that order. There are better options from a functional stand point, but considering I found these online for $99.99 with free shipping and no Tax I think them a good buy. Besides, until I start backpacking through the Amazon jungle I think these will do just fine.  I hope. lol.

I’ll come back and do a follow up on how these held up after The Travis Haley Course. In case you’re wondering, yes, I got them in that color. The brownish/Greenish color will handle the appearance of dirt better, and the highlighter colored Shoe laces to piss of the hardcore operator Trolls.


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