The music made by Kingston and Young God, the duo that comprises the group Blue Sky Black Death, have become the soundtrack to my life. Their last album Noir (Sheer Coincidence) was epic brilliance. I don’t really consider it music. It’s more of an auditory orgasm that last longer than a few seconds.

I’ve been listening to their latest album “Glaciers” all morning and i’m consumed by the album. The music is so emotionally pliable it’s freaky. Their music isa  conduit of emotion more than than a catalyst. This is the danger of Blue Sky Black Death. If you are in a good place emotionally it further facilitates that mood. However,  if you find yourself in a darker place emotionally, it will allow you to linger in a contemplative hell without a desire to leave, it becomes oddly comforting.

I’ve shared a couple of emails between the group and they’re stand up dudes. They are both pro-gun, one a lot more than the other.  I honestly can go on for hours about the music but I rather let you guys hear it for yourself.