Thanks to The News Republic here are some of the most egregious moments from his past year of tabloidism as activism:

On September 15th, he asked Ricky Gervais for his thoughts on gun permits for the blind. “Well, I learned about this through one of your tweets,” Gervais offered.

He let right-wing radio host Alex Jones rant mostly unchecked during this interview on January 7th.

“You’re an unbeleivably stupid man, aren’t you?” he asked gun-rights activist Larry Pratt on December 18th.

He interviewed John Lott, Jr., author of More Guns, Less Crime, on February 27th—or more accurately, permitted Lott’s head to occupy one half of a splitscreen while the host talked over the guest for ten minutes.

During this sitdown with liberal commentator Marc Lamont Hill and conservative Margaret Hoover on May 30th, Morgan’s comparison of American gun culture to the racist culture of previous decades prompted Lamont Hill to reply, “That’s not fair, a Southern gun owner is not like a Klan member—I mean, come on.”

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