The Gun Box: Finally, Gun Storage for the Urbanite.

I’ll be the first to say it, the GunVault Brand of gun vaults, have the the aesthetic appeal of Tyler Perry in a dress (Oh, wait). The GunVault screams gun! So, I am really digging the decor friendly look of this Gun Box. Especially, when maintenance decides to make a visit to my apartment when I am not there (Urbanite Problems).


The USB ports are simply clutch, the alert notification is simply genius. Actually, it’s not genius, it’s only genius because in many ways the gun industry still functions like it’s the ice age  (I’ll save this for a soap box post).  I am not a fan of not having some sort of mechanical override to get to your gun if the battery dies. Also, the name, “The Gun Box” is kind of lame.

All things considering, this thing looks promising. Looks like the top-notch version of this thing is pushing used Glock prices ($420). While the entry level version is $240. Am I going to buy one? I want to, but I keep buying guns.

This is a kick-starter type project, but they were rejected from kickstarter so they’re running their project on indiegogo.