A 13-Year-Old Boy Said He Wanted to Be the Next School Shooter and ‘Kill a Lot of Kids,’ Police Say

KISSIMMEE, FL (WESH) – Deputies arrested a 13-year-old boy when they found him passed out drunk, after which the boy allegedly admitted he wanted to kill many students at his former school. The teenager, who was found lying on the sidewalk Saturday, told deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office he drank an entire bottle of liquor from his parents’ liquor cabinet and took a bunch of “happy pills.”

During subsequent interviews, the 13-year-old told deputies he “wanted to die and see God” and “wanted to be the next school shooter” by killing “a lot of kids” at Westside K-8 School in Osceola County, FL.

The boy had previously been expelled from the school for making threats.

Investigators searched the boy’s PlayStation at his home in Davenport, which is between Orlando and Tampa, and said they found pictures of the suspected Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz as well as images of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.

They said the boy also made troubling statements — including that he wanted to die and see God, and that he wanted to kill students who had “snitched” on him before he was expelled. He also said he had buried a handgun in a neighbor’s backyard to keep his mother from finding it. The Polk Sheriff’s statement said a gun was not found, but they did learn that the boy had made similar statements in Osceola County, where deputies accused him in an affidavit of making written threats to kill.