There is so much gun play in this music video that I feel like I am being trolled. I am a huge Drake fan, I really like the song, and his new album is a classic in my eyes. However, this video seems like an irony and hypocrisy love child. Especially when considering his verse on Snoop Lion’s,No Guns Allowed, brain dead, anti-gun anthem.

Now, the verdict is still out on what he was trying to say in that video, because, there’s a line in his verse that says, “Bullets do not choose a victim, it’s the shooter that picks them”. Then he goes on to say some other ambiguous things, but I addressed the entire video here.

I love 80’s music, and this song definitely has an 80’s vibe. They tried to capture that 80’s, rush,rush, get the YaYo vibe with questionable success. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of the guns in this video. It’s not that the use of guns in this video was just so awesome, I just did not see this coming from Drake.

I am looking forward to going to his concert in Vegas in November. I was at the very first concert he had in Houston at Warehouse live when he was a nobody so to hear this verse on the new album hits real close to home.

Don’t run from it, like Htown in the summertime, I keep it 100
Met a lotta girls in my times there, word to Paul Wall, not one fronted
I was birthed there in my first year, man I know that place like I come from it
Backstage at Warehouse in ’09 like ‘Is Bun coming?’

“Too Much” is the Best Song on the Album.