Joe Biden: Keep Your Hands Off OUR Guns

Oh Joe Biden. Bless his ambiguously creepy little heart. This is the same Joe Biden who began his career working with Jesse Helms, a segregationist. This is the same Joe Biden who thought he could political Jedi mind trick the country into believing that segregated schools were a good thing because it helped make black kids more aware of their blackness when he said this:

Joe Biden: “I think the concept of busing… that we are going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn to grow up with one another and all the rest, is a rejection of the whole movement of Black Pride.”

Now, in all fairness this was a long time ago (*Cough* The 70s) and he may have a had an evolution in faith:

Joe Biden: “I mean you’ve got the first, sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright.”

But when it comes to the issue of guns, well, much like his not so ambiguous pro-segregation stance, he’s stuck in the past.

Joe Biden: “I, I, I, I wrote the first, the last serious gun control law.”

Joe, like all the rest of the “Please pick me to be president because I smoked a joint while listening to Tupac riding a skate board in my Hot Topic T-shirt” Democratic presidential hopefuls, is obsessed with the perceived lethality of the AR-15 and as a result, he wants to ban them because they go, “boom, boom, boom.”

And as far as he’s concerned, all I need in the 21st century to protect me and my family is a six-shot revolver, or as he so ineloquently put it:

Joe Biden: “You don’t need an AR-15.”

Just buy a shotgun.

Joe Biden: “Buy a shotgun.”

Just buy a shotgun.

Joe Biden: “Buy a shotgun.”

In 1994, “Boom Boom Joe” shepherded through the Senate a ban on AR-15s, America’s most popular rifle. It was something he worked on for six years. And he stuck it in under the cover of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which he took to the Senate floor to call black youth:

Joe Biden: “Predators on our streets. They are beyond the pale, many of those people. Beyond the pale.”

In his effort to get it passed.

Yeah, he’s a man of the people alright.

To make matters worse, after the ban on AR-15s lapsed after 10 years because it proved to have no effect on crime, Joe Biden did everything in his power to get the ban reinstated.

When your Joe Biden and have access to 24/7 armed security, it’s easy to relegate everyone else’s protection to six shooters and pump shot guns.

Joe Biden: “Buy a shotgun.”

Joe Biden is not a man of the common people. He’s an elitist with a slight southern drawl mixed with transient moments of not so ambiguous racism, senility and an inability to understand personal space. So forgive me if I don’t trust his intentions when it comes to my Second Amendment rights. Hell, his political record speaks for itself.

In 1990, he created the Gun-Free School Zones Act, which made it illegal for weapons to be carried in schools. Even in face of the fact that 98.7 percent of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. Joe might as well have told every would-be murderer and potential mass-shooter in America that the doors are wide open for mass shootings in every school in America. It’s the reason why a school like Parkland wasn’t allowed to have armed educators that could have prevented that shooting.

Wake up America. People who support the working class don’t try to take their guns away. People who are on the side of children don’t put them in danger from 8-3 every day. People who care about racial inequality don’t fight school integration, call black men super predators, say the inner cities are crime ridden and then take away firearms from the innocent good people who live there.

Joe Biden isn’t a man of the people. He is a man of the sheeple. Do yourself, your family, and this country a favor and please don’t be a sheeple.