THE X-FER From Armordillo Concealment

I don’t run a weapons mounted light on my CCW because most holsters designed for weapons mounted lights are the size of Ipads and with my keys, knife, spare mag, wallet, and phones there is already too much going on in my pants (That’s what she said).

Well I am pleased to introduce  “The X-FER” from Armordillo Concealment. In the world of kydex revolutionary and ground breaking are not words you usually here, but I have to say the folks at Armordillo Concealment are trying to change that with the X-FER.

The X -FER is a minimalistic kydex IWB or AIWB holster for any gun mounted with a Surefire X300/X200. That’s right, it works with any firearm that will mount the Surefire X300/x300. The holster is adjustable for ride height and cant, fully ambidextrous and 100% American Made. Other Models will be made to fit the Stream Light TLR Series of lights. Currently, the The X-FER is going for $54.99 on their website.

I’ll have a video for you guys on my youtube channel this weekend on the X-FER. For now, head over to to check his write up on The X-FER.