Costa Ludus Handgun Employment Two: After The First Day Ramblings

It’s 9:10pm after the first day of the Costa Ludus Handgun Employment Two course and I am tired.  It’s a healthy tired, like you spent all day doing something really charitable and you’re happy with the exhaustion because it was for a good cause.

I love the Red River Firearm range. If any of you remember,  I took Travis Haley’s handgun one course at this range. It’s like an ocean of steel. The thirty minute drive from the hotel to the range is kind of annoying. I washed my truck before making the drive out, but that was a waste. After the first day, my truck looks like it drove through a rick james after party.

photo 5

Damn we shot a lot of rounds. I really did not expect to shoot so much the first day, but it was a pleasant surprise. Do yourself a favor and buy an Maglula Uplula if you plan to take the course. Leave all that tough guy shit at home, because after the first day, my right thumb is numb due to all of the loading of my magazines without an uplula.

photo 1

You will get dirty, your gun will get dirty. If you’re scared to ding up your gun, don’t bring it here because I literally watched Chris Costa use a ground covered in rocks to rack the slide of a Glock 17 with at least a few thousand dollars worth of modifications. Now, there is a two inch scrape along the top of the slide.

photo 2

Costa is a funny SOB. Costa is the kind of guy who will crack a joke while giving a eulogy and you’ll laugh because it was that funny. He has the ability to make the concepts he teaches stick in your memory. He shoots quite a bit, but it’s for demonstrative purposes. Haley was like this also. Neither one of them were scared to shoot in front of their students.

I kept shooting low, so Costa came and shot my gun and confirmed that my sights were off. I shot his Glock 19 for a period of time and it was an experience. I will be sending my Glock 19 to Salient Arms.  I was not happy with my shooting today.    I need to tighten up on my fundamentals. I’ve spent a lot of time shooting rifles lately and have kind of neglected the handgun. My Bravo Concealment holster did a damn good job, it was a breeze getting my gun in and out of the holster. I’ve been running SportEar ear pro and I really like them(review coming soon). I did notice that the seal on my ear pro felt like it was breaking when I  was shooting from the prone position.

photo 1

Speaking of prone, we spent a lot of time on the ground. I shot with my off hand more today than I have in my life. Damn, we did a lot of shooting today. *** Too Exhausted to Continue**