Starbuck’s Public Request: No Weapons (Guns) in our Stores

We are not pro- or anti- (So, you’re bi-gun?),  but recently activist (2nd Amendment Advocates) groups on both sides of the gun debate have politicized our company and brand for their own benefit while putting our partners in a position of conflict. (If you don’t have a stance, then there is no conflict).

We do not believe they should be part of our coffeehouse experience. (So, you ban guns?) Partners should not enforce this request (I think Eric Holder wrote this).  However, we would like to make it clear that weapons are not welcome in our stores (Starbucks has been hanging out with France). 

We know that this is a complicated and emotionally charged issue and deciding to make this public was not easy (Told you they were bi).



In all seriousness, I rather address this in a video.

HatTip: @cicadas23